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We have often visited new clients and found that they don't understand the difference between differential and incremental backups. Nor the consequences. Sometimes with the result that they have lost vital data. So here is a quick summary. ...continue reading "September Quick Tip: Incremental versus Differential Backups"


Image of a person removing files from a computer

Backups are the computer task that everyone hates until there is a disaster, and then they are so pleased that they have good backups. The challenge is that backing up is not very exciting. So they are easily forgotten or neglected. You may not be excited with September's housekeeping, but it really is good to check your backups. So September housekeeping = backups ...continue reading "September Housekeeping = Backups"

Image of a person doing email housekeeping

Email is now the most important part of most businesses IT. Take away someones access to files and folders and they may moan a little. Take away access to their emails and they will be seriously unhappy. Communication is vital to modern businesses and email is now the most popular form of communication for most small businesses. Yet it is often given less housekeeping attention than the company printer. So August is the month to change this - the month to do some email housekeeping. ...continue reading "August Housekeeping = Email Housekeeping"

Image of a person painting the letters www

Most businesses have a website now, but small businesses often don’t have the ability to manage the website themselves. So they often rely on third parties. These third parties may be brilliant or they may be dire.  Either way there are some key questions you should be asking yourself, and your suppliers regularly. So this month we are doing website housekeeping: ...continue reading "June Housekeeping = Website Housekeeping"

The ransomware that has affected the NHS and other computers exploits security flaws in the old versions of Windows - specifically Windows XP, Vista, 8, Server 2003 and 2008. Microsoft have issued a security update for these operating systems. Once it has accessed a computer it spreads around the organisation using a flaw in Microsoft's SMB protocol. ...continue reading "Update re Ransomware"


Our news round up April includes, includes the ending of support of Vista and the possibility that Toshiba may cease to trade. There are hints of a possible future where cars will be fuelled at work and groceries be delivered by robots. In the meantime there is more about the Microsoft Creators update. ...continue reading "April 2017 Technology News Round Up"

The network ports on most standard routers provide a communication speed across your internal network of 100 Mbps. Switches running 1 Gbps are common and affordable. Switches are faster than routers so take advantage of this when sharing files within your business. ...continue reading "April Quick Tip: Switches are normally faster than routers"

“54% of wireless Internet users surveyed face repeated performance issues.”

The above quote is relating to home Wi-Fi but a lot of businesses in the UK experience similar Internet and network speed issues.  One of the reasons for this is that if you install a good router and switch it will last for years – so they can be the forgotten workhorse of your business network. Yet network technology is changing and performance improving.  So April is the month for thinking about your network… ...continue reading "April Housekeeping = Routers and Switches"

This month has been a mixture of new with old new. Phones - getting money from ATM's via SmartPhones and the launch of the retro Nokia 3310. Marketing - using the latest software to follow up website enquiries with old fashioned postcards. Cars - making money out of the latest data, but an old fashioned fight to keep that data with the manufacturers. ...continue reading "March 2017 Technology News Roundup"

Most providers allow you to add email addresses to a mailbox for free. This is really useful if someone leaves the business. It means you can quickly and easily forward email from these accounts onto you. ...continue reading "March Quick Tip: Forwarding Email from Lapsed Accounts to you"

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