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Client Projects

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Here we briefly detail client projects that we have worked on, or are currently working on. So you can get a better idea of the range of IT support we offer.

Barrett Lee

We are their IT support

Whenever they have an IT problem they cannot resolve themselves Barrett-Lee turn to us. We have been supporting them since 1997 by fixing problems and helping with the installation of new computers and equipment. We have also installed and upgraded their server.

Location: Sudbury, Suffolk
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We are their IT 'team'

We provide a full IT support service for Goody Burrett. If anyone in the company has a computer problem they phone us directly. They know that they won't get put in a IT 'queue'. They will speak to someone they know personally who will action their problem quickly.

Location: Colchester, Essex
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We visit monthly to manage the IT

RD Castings have handed their IT over us to monitor, support and maintain. We visit every month to ensure everything is running smoothly and install new servers and computers, resolve any IT problems they have and prevent future problems from occurring.

Location: Mildenhall, Suffolk
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We help the office 'expert'

When we first visited CARS back in 1999, the office was just the two directors, working from home. We have supported them throughout their rapid growth to a company of over 30 staff and multiple servers...

Location: Chedburgh, Suffolk
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We support the IT Manager

This well-known and respected school has a continual program to ensure their technology supports the schools teaching methods. Recent work included the upgrading of Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010, including the migration of existing e-mail accounts and public folders.

Location: Chelmsford, Essex
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We support the IT Manager

Since 2000 we have been providing independent technical advice to the IT Manager, helping him with strategy, and resolving problems he and his other IT support company have been unable to resolve.

Location: Ipswich, Suffolk
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We are their part time ICT Technician

We visit monthly to help the school manage their admin and curriculum computers. Assisting the ICT co-ordinator with managing the classroom computers. Resolving any problems the head and admin team are having.

Location: Chappel, Essex
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We helped the company streamline

 Mallard had a system that had evolved over the years and needed streamlining. We helped with the evaluation of their existing configuration to enable them to retire surplus equipment. We also helped with a new server installation. Recently we have been assisting with setting up a Disaster Recovery plan and procedures.

Location: Colchester, Essex
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We helped them upgrade their server

Tollesbury School wanted independent advice and technical assistance with the replacement of an elderly and unreliable Ergo server. In just two days we installed a new server running Microsoft Server 2012 Essentials Edition, configured the ICT workstations and provided technical training.

Location: Tollesbury, Essex
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